2019-2020 Words Alive O – Theatre & Events in English


Weekend Workshops, Weekly Classes & Voice/Improvisation Sessions

Weekend Workshops Actor Preparation & Performance Theatre Workshop in English 75001 Voice, Interpretation, Ensemble.   Participants interviewed. Call 0637662798 to register.  Open to natives & advanced intermediate speakers.  Saturdays @15h-19h & Sundays @16h-19h

Open to anglophiles with an advanced/intermediate level of fluency and native speakers. The workshops will focus on a selection of scenes, texts and adaptations in English. Actor training methods to explore the theatrical possibilities. Limited places. Participants interviewed.

Intermédiaire ‘Anglais et Création’ Hebdomadaire les Mercredi.  Wednesdays 20h-21h30. Inscription obligatoire  06 37 66 27 98.  These classes offer a dynamic approach towards learning and gaining a command of the English language using theatre training techniques.  Have fun & improve their fluency and confidence.  Enrolment closes at the end of March.  

Monthly sessions.  ‘Voice & Improvisation’   Fridays @20h-22h30.  Dates 2019 – 8/11, 29/11.  2020 – 17/01, 14/02, 20/03, 3/04.



Come to the theatre with us.   Venez avec nous au théâtre.   Réserver vos billets directement comme indiqué.  Puis rejoignez vous à nous.  

Join us Theatre in English MeetUp.  Paris Going to the Theatre

Ongoing Literary Events click here

Culture Rapide  §   Ivy Writers  §   Spoken Word  §  La Maison de la Poésie   



Fishing for Books in English?  Here’s a Map of book shops in Paris.  List of English Language Bookstores here 

Food & Drink  Corcoran’s Sacré-Coeur §  The Green Goose   §  Highlander

§  Walrus-Disquaire-Bar


Light, Change, Peace   

Words Alive O
06 37 66 27 98
01 77 15 71 90
wordsaliveo@gmail.com  Join Us on MeetUp
www.wordsaliveo.com    Inviting you to discover the cultural and artistic events of anglophone Paris and beyond.
For information on theatre classes and workshops in English.


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