2018-19 New Season of Plays, Classes & Workshops with Words Alive O – Theatre & Events in English


Weekend Workshops, Weekly Classes & Voice/Improvisation Sessions

6 & 7 OCTOBER Weekend Workshops Actor Preparation & Performance Theatre Workshop in English 75001 Voice, Corporeality, Ensemble, Text.  Participants interviewed. Call 0637662798 to register.  Open to natives and advanced intermediate speakers.  Saturday 6/10 @15h-19h & Sunday 7/10 @16h-19h

Open to anglophiles with an advanced/intermediate level of fluency and native speakers. The second of a series of monthly workshops, leading to an optional creation. Workshops can be attended individually. The workshops will focus on a selection of scenes, texts and adaptations in English. The participants will learn actor training methods and explore the theatrical possibilities. Limited places. Participants interviewed.

Hebdomadaire les Mercredi.  Wednesday Weekly classes.  1st class 3/10  Theatre in English. Intermediate English level.  Wednesdays 20h15-21h45. 75001.  Enrolment for Wednesday classes closes at the end of March.  Experience and discover theatre in English.  Inscription obligatoire  06 37 66 27 98.  These classes offer a dynamic approach towards learning and gaining a command of the English language using theatre training techniques.  Have fun & improve their fluency and confidence.

Monthly sessions.  Voice & Improvisation.   1st date Friday 5/10 @20h-22h30

Come to the theatre with us.   Venez avec nous au théâtre.   Réserver vos billets directement comme indiqué.  Puis rejoignez vous à nous.  

Join us Theatre in English MeetUp.  Paris Going to the Theatre


Literary Events click here too

Thursdays >20heure “ish” Paris Lit Up Open Mic Culture Rapide  103 Rue Julien Lacroix, 75020. A night of Spoken Word – Poetry, Comedy, In English & Other Languages.  Join in or come along and enjoy.

Paris Lit Up Magazine  ORDER NOW: http://press.parislitup.com/paris-lit-up-magazine-n3-2015   Paris’ premier literary revue is back.  200 full-color glossy pages filled with poetry, short stories, artwork and photography from the best names in contemporary art and literature, coming out of the City of Light today. 

Ivy Writers hosts international poets   Bilingual readings.  

Mondays >20h Spoken Word Open Mic Every Monday Au Chat Noir, 76 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011. Métro Parmentier/Couronnes. Sign up 8pm to 9.30pm in the bar.  A night of Spoken Word.  In English & Other Languages. 

La Maison de la Poésie.  The House of Poetry.  A Cultural Centre with its heart in Poetry.  Discover it right in the heart of Paris. Maison de la Poésie Passage Molière 157 rue St. Martin 75003 


fishingFishing for Books in English?  Here’s a Map  of book shops in Paris.  Special places, each has its own soul and music. Follow your footsteps and meander through their secrets, tales, and eclectic selections of books.  Meet the book sellers who will graciously welcome you into their universe and help you find what you’re seeking & lead you to discover more…  Click on name to go to websites.  

IMG_20170927_165852 Berkeley Books of Paris.  8, rue Casimir Delavigne 75006   ***   Regular events (readings, music, performances) drop in and discover a unique harbour of then & now …. type a line or two ….


San Francisco Book Co  17, rue Monsieur Le Prince 75006 ***

The Abbey Bookshop  29, rue de la Parcheminerie 75005 ***  

Shakespeare & Co. 37 rue de la Bûcherie 75005 ***  

WH Smith  248 rue de Rivoli 75001 ***  

Brentano’s  37 ave de l’Opéra 75001 *** 

IMG_2841Food & Drink

Corcoran’s Sacré-Coeur 9-11 rue Foyatier 75018 (Take the Funiculaire up). Great Setting, Good Pub Grub, Live Music

Irish Pub-Restaurant The Green Goose  19, rue des Boulets 75011 Review   How about An Irish Breakfast?

Scottish Pub The Highlander 8, rue Nevers 75006 Paris Great Craic. 


DSC08956 Hope, Light, Peace.  

Words Alive O
06 37 66 27 98
01 77 15 71 90
wordsaliveo@gmail.com  Join Us on MeetUp
www.wordsaliveo.com    Inviting you to discover the cultural and artistic events of anglophone Paris and beyond.
For information on theatre classes and workshops in English.

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